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Parenting With Dignity by Mac Bledsoe - Books and videos for parents


What you will learn from PWD

Lessons are designed to be viewed in sequence, although if viewed individually, you will gain practical new skills for working with children. Topics include...

  • A Model of Human Performance - A logical explanation of the role self-esteem plays in controlling human behavior.  Learn how "The ideas in their heads rule their world."
  • 5 Rules for Parents - Discover five simple, but very powerful techniques to use daily to persuade kids to do what you want while feeling good about themselves.
  • Messages of Love - The surest way to build self-esteem in kids is to let them know they are loved. Learn practical, innovative ways to comfortably tell kids they are loved.
  • Goal Setting - Do you want kids to realize their dreams? Discover "the three P's of goal setting."
  • Making Value Choices - Help your kids realize that "acquiring things, money or status is not the way to judge success."  Help your children make critical decisions in their value selection.
  • Roadblocks to Success - Learn about the behaviors that stand in the way of achieving goals and maximizing their potential and how to adjust those behaviors.
  • Why Punishment Doesn't Work - Six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in kids.  Teach children how to make good choices on their own.
  • and much, much more...

PWD Philosophy

Mac Bledsoe, President and founder of Parenting With Dignity, is a parent, school teacher, coach and gifted author. The premise of his Parenting with Dignity philosophy is...

"Our children will make all of the most important decisions in their lives - on their own. As parents, the only thing we can do is teach them how to make good decisions".

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Our main website (http://www.parentingwithdignity.com) contains thousands of files and tons of resources for parents. From our books and videos to our newsletter and RSS feeds, this is a site dedicated to helping parents become better at their most important job.  Send yourself an email to remind you to visit our primary site when you get back to your primary computer.

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