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  Gangs and violence  (School violence - click here)
  Bullying - Regardless of the method or the reason for doing so, bullying is intimidating and abusive.

Blueprints for Violence Prevention - A national violence prevention initiative to identify and replicate violence prevention programs that are effective.

Breaking all Boundaries - Creates an attitude that will eliminate drug abuse, gangs, and violence by focusing on youth, family, and the workplace.

Coroner's Report - A history and overview of street gangs and a resource guide for parents and educators. Programs and videos available to educate parents and students about gang violence and how to prevent it.

Gang Education and Training Resource Guide - Basic guide and review of common warning signs of a street gang presence. Education, intervention and prevention strategies are provided.

Gang Information - Developed as an awareness guide to help suppress gang violence in our communities and our schools.

Gangs OR Us - The goal of Gangs OR Us is to provide law enforcement and corrections personnel, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens, the assistance and knowledge necessary to determine if street or prison gangs are in your community.

Gangs, learn about them... - Once found only in large cities, gangs have invaded communities of all sizes across the United States.

Into the Abyss - A book about a personal journey into the World of Street Gangs and it offers a wealth of information.

Mathew's Story - A Stamford Connecticut tragedy for every parent and community to learn about the heartache of youth violence.

National Youth Gang Center - The purpose of the NYGC is to expand and maintain the body of critical knowledge about youth gangs and effective responses to them.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention - Provides national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization.

Partnerships Against Violence Network - A "virtual library" of information about violence and youth-at-risk, representing data from seven different Federal agencies. - Gang Education & Training Resource Guide - Gang activity flourishes because of denial by parents, communities, school districts and law enforcement until...a tragedy occurs!

Safe - A National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center is your gateway to finding information to address the challenges that youth violence presents and to prevent it before problems occur.

Street Gang Dynamics - Addresses issues of importance to parents, teachers, counselors, and other interested persons in attempting to understand the growing menace of street gangs.

Street Soldiers - Omega Boys Club - Our purpose is to keep people alive, free from violence, and free from incarceration. We do this by providing people with free educational and other opportunities and support.

Parenting With Dignity on VHS Tapes
Parenting With Dignity
A five-point plan for
raising responsible,
independent kids


The Story of James Weddell - A Dakota Sioux from the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota. A true story.

Urban Ethnography of Latino Street Gangs - Patterns have emerged in the current study. Sadly, much of the problem points to a parenting crisis.

Virginia Youth Violence Project - Find out how this organization researches effective policies for youth violence prevention and response. Addresses youth gangs.

Gangs and Violence (Perspectives on Violence)
Gangs and Violence
Perspectives on Violence
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