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Promote Your Event

Develop your marketing plan

We're not about to dive-in to the logistical considerations such as where you will stage your event, or the time of day, etc. We leave these local factors up to you.  However, there is a bundle of information on the following pages that cover other aspects of staging and promoting a successful Parenting With Dignity® event.

We highly recommend that you spend time digesting these ideas and take advantage of some of these suggestions. As an example, we will provide a $250.00 door prize for you to use at no cost!  Sound good?  Read on . . .

Take to the air (waves)

Mac Bledsoe radio spotsTalk to your local radio stations.  They probably have PSA (Public Service Announcements) time available and are required by law to air "x" number of PSA's every week... and we'll supply the commercial.

We have short-format (90 second) Parenting with Dignity® radio spots "in the can", and if PSA's are not viable, we can offer the station a way to earn money by having local businesses sponsor the spots and promote your event!  To learn more, go here...

Pasta Dinner?
Please note...

In the past, PWD had an arrangement with a national food distributor who provided pasta dinners for organizations involved in staging parenting and other non-profit events.  Unfortunately, this company is no longer sponsoring such events.  We are actively looking for another community minded company to fill this void.

However, you may be surprised how many companies on a local level would be willing to sponsor such things.  It requires some ground-work from your group, but a few phone calls to local restaurants or civic minded companies usually yields good results.  You will need to tell them the size of the group you expect and details of the event.


Depending upon your audience, you may want to create a brochure or flyer to pass out, or tack on bulletin boards. You are limited only to your imagination as to how you design your announcement. To give you some ideas and stimulate your creative juices, we have included a few examples of what other organizations have done.

Photos & logos

If you need a photo of Mac Bledsoe to use with your brochure or Web announcement of your event, click here. We have also included our foundation logo and other related photos.

Generate Interest
Making your event a success

There are many things you can do to generate interest in your event, cover your costs and even raise additional funds for your organization. These suggestions are proven results getters!
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1   2   3
How to fill your auditorium and guarantee a successful event.  

Mac's Parenting With Dignity presentation is a fundraising opportunity

Raise funds and establish value. Don't miss this opportunity to emphasize your special event.


How to get the fathers involved.

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