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Now YOU can listen to Parenting with Dignity lessons and parenting tips on your iPod or other MP3 player!

Or you can just listen while you are sitting at your computer! To get these great new “downloads” just go to the iTunes store type Mac Bledsoe into the search window. Or… just go to You can then download lots of short pieces of topical information to listen to while driving to or from work or while jogging, walking, riding your bike, or working out! Start today! Once you have downloaded these great learning tips you may burn them onto CD’s and share them with friends. Please tell others about this great new offering.


1. To see our "Parenting with Dignity" program in depth I have put together a little tour for you through our Parenting with Dignity website ( ). I could send you tons of paper but because the website contains just about anything that anyone could ever wish to know about our program, using it works best. It is instant, you can print anything that you would like to have a hard copy of, and the website contains the most current and up-to-date information.

2. First, to take a tour of our website, either put your pointer over the word HOME in the menu across the top of our homepage or


Now, because there are some pages on our site that I do not wish for you to miss I have included the following links to some specific pages for you to take a look at. Using our site will help you dramatically in effectively using the information you have just received!

3. & 4.To view our mission and read some specifics about our Company, please go to:
Misson Information, CLICK HERE and About US, CLICK HERE

5. To read about some of the past events we have done and to read media coverage and see some video clips,

6. To see and print (always click on “the icon) our written curriculum and view samples of our videotapes, CLICK HERE

7. To see our written curriculum translated into Spanish, for use when using the Spanish language choice on all of our DVD class sessions, please CLICK HERE

8. To see how people order the curriculum to start their own classes, please CLICK HERE

9. To read about how to set up an effective class and get things going there in your community, please CLICK HERE

10. To begin the scheduling process for one of our in-person events, please CLICK HERE

11. Here is another link that will answer many questions for you: CLICK HERE

12. To read about & order any of our products please CLICK HERE

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