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You won't believe the video quality

...and the added functionality of the DVD menu options.  You can watch DVD's on most computer DVD drives and all players (USA).  10 Parenting With Dignity« videos on 3 DVDs. 

A five-point plan for raising responsible, independent kids

In this ground breaking program, the author, Mac Bledsoe, urges parents to rethink their approach to discipline.  As an example, he recommends that parents let kids make some of their own decisions to experience the consequences early on.  In this way, they will learn to act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they grow older.

Parenting with Dignity« teaches parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids.  A positive approach to parenting that is simple, easily understood, applicable in any situation, and incredibly intuitive. The premise of the Parenting with Dignity philosophy is...

"Our children will make all of the most important decisions in their lives - on their own.  As parents, the only thing we can do is teach them how to make good decisions".

Help your kids to realize their dreams by discovering "the three P's of goal setting."  Find out about the five simple, but powerful rules for parents and learn six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in kids.  You will learn how to obtain appropriate behavior from your children, open the lines of communication and have them develop sound decision making skills. All this and more on 3 convenient menu-driven DVDs.  Click here to order your DVDs!

  • The parents workbook that accompanies the lessons can be downloaded from this site, follow this link to download the workbook.  (Workbook is not shipped with the DVD set - it must be downloaded from this site).
Spanish language track

In addition to all the enhancements that DVD offers over VHS, you can now choose a Spanish language translationEmilio Gallegos of Moreno Valley, CA spent many weeks providing an accurate word-by-word translation of the entire Parenting With Dignity video series and parents workbook. 

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Pricing & Delivery

Now you have a choice, VHS or DVD, but cost will not be a determining factor.  In keeping with our mission of reaching as many people as possible, we are not charging a premium for the DVD collection. Get it today for only $99.95 (plus $5 S&H).  Click here to order your DVDs!

Delivery - available NOW.  We ship within twenty-four hours of receiving your order, so order now and get your DVDs in a matter of days.

3 DVD Boxed Set

Only $99.95 - Sent via Priority Mail


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DVD Questions
Questions?  See these FAQs

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Will the DVDs play in my computer's CD tray?

This depends on your computer.  Although the size is the same, a DVD will not play in an ordinary CD bay.  However most newer computers come standard with DVD and CD playback capability.  You must be sure that your computer plays DVDs in addition to CDs.  If your computer does play DVDs, these disks will work in your computer.

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Can I trade in my VHS tapes for the DVD's?

YES!  After hearing from so many of you asking if we would consider a trade-in program, we decided it was the right thing to do.  PLUS... we'll take your old VHS tapes in any condition. If you have missing tapes, damaged tapes, or they just don't look or sound as clear as they once did, this is what you've been waiting for.  Nothing beats the convenience of DVDs menu options and the outstanding picture and sound quality. To learn more about the Trade-In Program, click here.

Also, you might consider donating your old VHS videos to a local church, school, library or halfway house and take a tax-deductible deduction for your donation (and get a great feeling for helping others and sharing the Parenting With Dignity message). Or, give your VHS set to a co-worker or friend who could benefit from viewing the series.

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Is there a difference between the VHS and the DVD curriculum?

As far as the content of the lessons, no. The DVDs and the VHS video content are the same.  Nevertheless, there are many reasons for choosing DVD over VHS.  The DVDs offer:

  • the ability to jump to any chapter or menu topic
  • the Spanish translation track
  • superior picture quality
  • are smaller to store and transport
  • don't wear out (or break down) as tape will do
  • the price is the same

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I don't have a DVD player.

We wouldn't consider advising you how to manage your family finances, but at some point in the future you will probably have to consider buying a DVD player.  If you rent movies from Blockbuster«, they have announced that they will stop carrying VHS videos in the future.  DVDs are quickly becoming the media of choice for most people.  If you think that buying a DVD player makes sense for your family,  Your ALT-Text here Best Buy offers some terrific deals and if you buy from our link, our foundation earns a few dollars Your ALT-Text here - Shop Best Buy Electronics

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Why is the cost of 3 DVDs the same as the 10 VHS set?

Many factors contribute to the cost of our program, but the number of disks or tapes is not one of them.  In fact, most companies charge more for DVDs than VHS because of the added functionality, language additions, etc. We feel that what's most important is that you are receiving a greater value with the DVDs while the video content is identical. Click here to order your DVDs!

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DVD entertainment recommendation  Your ALT-Text here
A DVD service we highly recommend is Your ALT-Text here Netflix.  We have been using this online service for years and find it to be much more convenient (and cheaper) than renting DVDs from a local store. They offer more than 15,000 titles, free shipping, no late fees and you can rent as many as you want each month!  Visit Netflix.
This is also a good way to monitor what movies your children see.

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Special Thanks
A special thanks

Creating a DVD product is an expensive and overwhelming task.  As a small non-profit organization, this was the largest internal project we have conducted since the original production of our videos. It was made possible by the generous contribution of National Vacuum Corporation. Proud to serve their country in many ways, they were heavily involved in the anthrax clean-up in Washington, DC, and they serve the parents of America by underwriting the costs of this DVD conversion.

* Parenting With Dignity is not affiliated with Blockbuster Music or National Vacuum Corp.

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