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Final Exam

Multiple Choice

1.) _____ The best type of discipline is

  1. learned-discipline.
  2. self-discipline.
  3. forced-discipline.
  4. derived from punishment.

2.) _____ When you change the script, you change

  1. the show.
  2. the character.
  3. the balance.
  4. the play.

3.) _____ Three of the ten ways to show your children love are

  1. say it, play it, and listen.
  2. be it, see it, and touch.
  3. shout down haters, teach it, and see it.
  4. none of the above

4.) _____ The goal of punishment is

  1. to restrict your child's behavior.
  2. to teach by creating artificial consequences.
  3. to let the natural negative consequences to the enforcing.
  4. to force your child to live up to your standards.

5.) _____ It doesn't matter what you say to your children, it matters

  1. what they say to you.
  2. what their friends say to them.
  3. what actions your words promote.
  4. none of the above.

6.) _____ Obedience is dangerous because

  1. your child will learn good decision-making.
  2. your child is taught to always listen to the loudest voice.
  3. you child will do what he/she wants no matter what you say.
  4. both a & b

7.) _____ Always end any criticism with

  1. a repeated statement of their wrongful behavior.
  2. a showing of affection.
  3. a positive statement of expected behavior.
  4. a justifiable natural consequence.

8.) _____ In the absence of punishment,

  1. your child's behavior will not change.
  2. the negative behavior returns.
  3. both you and your child will grow intellectually.
  4. you child will teach themselves positive behavior.

9.) _____ Most of what is stored in your subconscious mind is

  1. learned.
  2. useless.
  3. unchangeable.
  4. forgotten.

10.) _____ The three situations where you do not allow your children to 
                learn from their mistakes are situations that are

  1. illegal, immoral, or unjustified.
  2. immoral, illegal, or life threatening.
  3. immoral, illegal, or expensive.
  4. illegal, immoral, or ill conceived.

True or False

11.) True False Punishment focuses anger on the "punisher".
12.) True False You must raise your children without fear of failure.
13.) True False Treating your children the way you were treated may not be the best approach. 
14.) True False Freedom means fewer rules.
15.) True False Teaching you children decision making is telling them what to think, not how to think.
16.) True False Giving your children no responsibility teaches them responsibility.
17.) True False You can assume that they understood what you said, just because you said it.
18.) True False Punishment denies a child the right to experience the real consequences of their actions.
19.) True False A child understands that you love them by your actions, you never have to tell them.
20.) True False You should treat kids as if they ought to be what you want them to be.
21.) True False You must never view your children with a sense of humor.
22.) True False When setting your goals, word them in the present tense, as if you do, be or have what you want now and then start today.
23.) True False One reason to give kids for limiting or adjusting their behavior is because "You said so".

Fill in the Blanks

say  performance  action  do
is  obedience  be  feel
negative  pushback  person  is not
do  create  buy  have

***Each word will be used only once.***

24.) Punishment guarantees a ______________ response.

25.) Criticize the ______________, not the ______________.

26.) Love is not just something you ____________, it is also something that you ____________.

27.) Mutual ___________ works best.

28.) Just saying it ____________ teaching it.

29.) When teaching your children values, have them make a list of everything that they can __________, __________, or ___________.


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