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The Parenting With Dignity« program now offers four essential parenting related products; our highly-acclaimed Video series (on DVD or VHS), our books, a free monthly Newsletter, and this Web-based resource.  All products and services are detailed below.




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Teach your kids how to
make good decisions!


Parenting course on DVD/VHS video

The Parenting With Dignity curriculum presents effective techniques for raising responsible, independent children.  PWD teaches parents and caregivers to rethink their approach to discipline, punishment and empowerment.  PWD advocates permitting children make some of their own decisions, and to experience the consequences early on, so that they can act responsibly when alone, and become more independent when they grow older.  Fundamental to the Parenting With Dignity curriculum is a focus on developing parenting skills that help to address many of the child abuse causes perpetrated by inexperienced and unprepared parents. 

This is a course is best viewed by parents over a period of time. The program consists of approximately nine hours of taped lessons that are intended to be viewed by groups of parents one session at a time. The best results are obtained when viewed in small groups with a discussion following each module.

Lessons are designed to be viewed in sequence, although if viewed individually, viewers will obtain practical new skills for working with children. The entire nine volume parenting curriculum is based upon one central idea:


Help your kids to realize their dreams by discovering "the three P's of goal setting."  Find out about the five simple, but powerful rules for parents and learn six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in kids.  You will learn how to obtain appropriate behavior from your children, open the lines of communication and have them develop sound decision making skills. All this and more on 3 convenient menu-driven DVDs.

Also, included is a Facilitator's video which contains many suggestions for attracting class members, and setting up and conducting classes! To learn more, click here.



Parenting Workbook

The Parenting Workbook is available here on this web-site, click here!

Version en Espa˝ol


Parenting workbook (supplements video course)

A workbook is used concurrently with the video lessons. It includes supplementary explanations of the concepts along with exercises and practical applications for parents to "try out" with their families. Each parent will have a copy of the workbook to take home, make notes, and keep as a handy parenting resource. A master copy of the Workbook comes free with each set of tapes, and is downloadable from this Website.

If you would like to view the workbook, "click here". Then, "click" on the individual video tape for which you would like to see the Workbook pages. To print any Chapter just hit "print" while you have the page on your screen! (Descargue (download) el libro de trabajo como documento en "Microsoft Word".)

If you would like to download the workbook to have as a resource that can be used without being online, (Click here) When you get there simply "click" where directed in the paragraph marked download.





Parenting With Dignity
by Mac Bledsoe

Getting Beyond Crisis Management -
A five-point plan for raising responsible, independent kids

In this new ground-breaking book, Mac urges parents to rethink their approach to discipline - to let kids make some of their own decisions, and to experience the consequences early on, so that they can act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they grow older. Learn more, click here | Order

The Early Years
by Mac Bledsoe

Mac Bledsoe's newest parenting now available in soft cover.  Learn the five rules for resolving the most common challenges with children two to six. The perfect companion to Mac's other book and videos below. 

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FREE shipping - and if you order your copy here, Mac Bledsoe will sign it FREE - A must for every parent of toddlers.  Order today!




Parenting newsletter

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Parenting website

The computer age has created amazing opportunities for disseminating ideas and information. As we are an "information foundation" we intend to make use of  the power of the Internet. Since we anticipate that  many of our target audience do not own or operate computers, we will work to have sponsoring agencies dedicate computer time and access for the course graduates. Be sure to visit our online resources for parents.

Parents, learn the "Warning Signs" of Drugs, Alcohol, Gangs and Computer Addiction.


Warning Signs! A guide for parents who are concerned that their children may be involved with drugs, alcohol, gangs, we even discuss computer and internet addiction.


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Future Plans
  • A version of our curriculum specifically intended for use with incarcerated parents.

  • A version of our videos to be used for the hearing impaired.

  • A CD audio version of our curriculum

  • If you have other suggestions, we would love to hear from you, give us your feedback here.



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