Barbara Bledsoe
Secretary/Acting Chairman

Barbara Bledsoe is foremost a mother (to Drew and Adam Bledsoe), wife to (Mac Bledsoe) and now grandmother to Drew's three sons. Additionally, she is a teacher of the parenting series. Parenting with Dignity, which her husband Mac Bledsoe created and produced with her collaboration based on real life experience with their own sons and her students. She is also the office manager for her son Drew Bledsoe.

Barbara with the entire Bledsoe family at the 2000 Golf Shootout
Barbara with the Bledsoe family at the 2000 Shootout

Barbara received her B.A. in Education from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. Following 11 years majoring in motherhood, she earned her fifth year degree from the same institution. Barbara's 21 year teaching career focused on Language Arts at the middle school level. While teaching mostly seventh graders, she participated in curriculum revision, was a mentor teacher and whole language specialist and presenting at teaching literacy conferences, and also was a Middle School Coordinator for Walla Walla School District leading the implementation of the shift from junior high to middle school. Additionally, she and Mac taught "Investments in Excellence", Lou Tice's Self Esteem Program, to district employees.

Currently, Barbara teaches Parenting with Dignity classes, tutors in the juvenile system, is a member of the PTSA VERIFY INITIALS and sits on a Community Accountability Board (CAB) for juvenile offenders. She volunteers with March of Dimes, American Heart Association and the Children's Miracle Network community fund raiser.

Barbara and Mac Bledsoe have been married since 1967 and have two sons. Drew, the founder of the Drew Bledsoe Foundation, is married to Maura and has three sons. Adam is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

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